What you need to know

Different types of Fuel Pumps.

1) Single pump: has a single inlet. dispenses one product from one side only.

2) Dual pump: has a single inlet. Dispenses one type of product from two outlets.

3) Twin pump: has 2 inlets. Each inlet is independent. Can dispense 2 different products from each side. e.g. a twin pump can dispense both petrol and diesel

4) Four nozzle: it’s like 2 dual pumps but in one housing. It has two inlets. Each inlet dispenses from two sides. You can use it to dispense both petrol and diesel from each two sides.

Why Install your Own Pump & Tank

Our Fuel Products


Automotive Gas Oil, is the name given to fuel intended for use in road vehicles powered by diesel engines. Automotive gas oil is not only used for heavy-duty trucks such as trucks and buses but also light-duty vehicles such as vans and passenger cars. Automotive gas oil is referred to us the transport oil because of its usage that cuts across all transportation sectors. All industries rely on automotive gas oil for the distribution of their goods while the commercial depend on it for their day-to-day operations.

Illuminating Kerosene (paraffin)

Is a combustible liquid commonly used as heating fuel and domestically for cooking and lighting. It has several industrial uses for example it is widely used as a solvent.

Super Petrol

It is a product derived from crude and used as fuel in internal combustion engines. This fuel is for spark engines like car engines.

Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO)

An Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO) is a blend of fuel for non-road engines such as:- Agricultural tractors, Road construction machinery, Other mechanical equipment for commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses.