Above the ground Tank
Underground Tank

What you need to know

Benefits of having an on-site fuel storage.

1. It saves money
Having on-site fuel storage can save you money – especially when it’s teamed with an effective fuel management system.
When you buy fuel in bulk, you can enjoy lower prices. You can also establish an excellent relationship with your supplier, which will enable you to negotiate in future. If you keep track of how much fuel you’re using and how much is stored in your tanks, you’ll also be able to predict future expenses more easily, giving you a better handle on your finances.

2. It is efficient
As well as saving you money, on-site fuel storage can save you time and energy, making it a highly efficient option. Time won’t be wasted travelling to off-site locations in order to fill up, and refuelling detours should largely be avoided. Jobs will be able to be completed more quickly, giving your drivers more time to spend on other tasks or jobs.

3. It helps to prevent theft.
You have total control over fuel usage – you can monitor who’s using it, how much they’re using and when they’re using it. 6 Basic differences between the Above Ground and Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks: